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Spread the cost of your travel over 3 - 10 easy to manage instalments

Enjoy your trip and spread cost over time

Fly Now Pay Later will charge a small, one-off transaction fee at the time of booking your travel arrangement and gives you the flexibility to distribute the trip cost over monthly instalments that suit your budget.
Flexible Repayment
You can choose to pay for your trip over a 3 to 10 month period, taking advantage of monthly instalments. Want to pay off your whole balance? You can also do this at anytime...at NO EXTRA COST.
Safe & Secure
No need to worry about the safety and security of your payments. In the unlikely event of financial failure, your booking is completely protected!
Fast and Easy
Once you have found your dream holiday simpley click the Fly Now Pay Later button on the checkout page and apply for an account. You're seconds away from booking your next trip!
Easy Account Management
Keeping on top of any credit account can be tough, but Fly Now Pay Later's 'My Account' portal lets you see all the elements of your account quickly and easily.

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